About NIT


Nanyang,a marvelous place with rich resource and outstanding people,is one of the cradles of the Chinese civilization.Historically,the beautiful scenery here inspired many cultural celebrities like Zhang Heng,Zhuge Liang, Zhang Zhongjing, Fan Li et al.Now,its deep cultural atmosphere has been cultivating a young undergraduate institution-Nanyang Institute of Technology.

Nanyang Institute of Technology (NIT) dates from 1987 when it was known as Nanyang University.It was officially approved by the State Education Commission in 1993,hence the name.In 2004,NIT received authorization from the Ministry of Education and was upgraded to an undergraduate university.Presently,NIT has gradually developed multi-disciplinary programs dominated in engineering and coordinated in management,literature, science,law,medical science, economics,and education.

NIT now is composed of 10 departments,7 schools,and2 faculties.It runs more than 60 vocational and undergraduate programs.Among its faculty of 1290 or so,there are 429 professors and associate professors,302 doctors and masters, and 30 provincial experts and young and middle-aged academic leaders.In addition, more than 60 visiting professors from Chinese Academy of Science,Chinese Engineering Academy,and other key universities are working part-time here.About 20,000 students from 28 provinces, municipalities,and autonomous regions are learning and living on its campus.

By virtue of its own strength,NIT took a lead in the establishment of campus network among colleges and universities in Henan Province.With more than 8,000 on-line computers,its information technology is superior to those of the same type.It boasts many laboratories,of which advanced manufacture technology,electric and electronic technology, frequency conversion technology,PLC and industrial control technology, software,fermentation techniques,modern commerce techniques, international education,and TCM diagnostics have already reached the advanced level among the same kind of universities nationwide,with an asset of experimental instruments and apparatus 98 million RMB.The library has a collection of 143.7 million books,including 430,000 e-books.In recent years,students of NIT have won many great honors in various national competitions,such as the first prize for SONY electronic design competition for college students,“Higher Education Press Cup”mathematics modeling competition for college students,“Guang-maoda Cup” China Robot Contest,and national college students English test,and the second prize for the“Challenge Cup”National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition,etc.

Going with the international trend of high education,NIT is actively promoting international communication and cooperation,creating cooperative education model,and has realized bi-directional schooling with foreign universities. By now,NIT has established friendly academic and cooperative relations with many universities in Japan,New Zealand,USA, France and Korea.In 1996,Mr. Naka Komi,a well-known Japanese enterpriser,set up a scholarship for NIT students,and cooperatively constructed“Naka International Exchange Center”.In 2002, NIT’s cooperative undergraduate education program with Victoria University in Wellington of New Zealand was approved the Ministry of Education. Ever since then,more than 100 NIT students have participated in the program.In 2006,NIT began to cooperate with Masan University in Korea, enrolling Korean students in Chinese traditional medical science,then established Zhang Zhongjing School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Masan in 2008.About 100 Korean students are learning there now.

The philosophy of NIT:human-oriented, morality and method-advocated  ,transmitting culture,innovating knowledge, comprehensive development ,general and special education, service to our motherland. The cultivation goal is to cultivate the high quality practical talents with initiative, innovation, and practical capacities.The guiding ideology for professional work is to develop teaching and researching simultaneously.The guiding ideology for discipline construction is to focus on engineering,to develop feature disciplines positively,and to develop basic disciplines stably.NIT holds on the principles of quality,connotation, and characteristic to cultivate practical talents.Therefore,its graduates are increasingly strengthened in their competitiveness,and enjoy good employment prospects.The rates of NIT freshmen enrolled by their first choice,the rates of freshmen’s registration,and the rates of graduates’ employment have lead in Henan province for successive years,and help to increase NIT’s reputation.

Nanyang Institute of Technology will advance with times. In accordance with its motto“rich moral, extensive learning, seeking for truth and the highest good”,in the spirit of “Refusal to Be Outdone”,and by taking the teaching quality as the fundamentality,and connotation construction as motive power,NIT is going to develop into a multi-disciplinary practical modern university with high level and distinctive features,which gives priority to undergraduate education,and combine graduate and vocational education.