Why Choose ECJTU



Support From Chinese Government—— East China Jiaotong University is qualified to recruit foreign students subsidized by Chinese government scholarship.         

Beautiful Campus Environment——ECJTU is located in historic city crowned “the City of Heroes”. You can feel its beautiful scenery as you step into our campus; it is truly a fairyland with fresh air, pretty lakes, green hills, exquisite buildings and kinds of first-class sport fields.                                                                          
Qualified Faculty and Specialties——We have qualified professors and teachers who provide all the major courses and Chinese courses to our foreign students. Many courses are taught in English, or in Chinese-English.                              
Complete Facilities——ECJTU provides first-class education conditions, modernized teaching & learning buildings and well-equipped labs.  The library, with a collection of 1.67 million books, owns the best consulting station of Chinese literature and academic magazines.  In addition, 120 bases for students’ social practice have been established in over 10 provinces and districts in China.                                                               
Low Expense of International Study —— Besides reasonable tuition, expense index here is much lower than most of other cities in China. Furthermore, you can purchase high-quality goods with low prices here.                                                                       
Safe Campus —— People here are honest, generous and friendly. You can study here safely because of stable social order.  As a capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang is the center of politics, economy and culture, which helps international students know China well
Convenient Transportation —— The bus or taxi is available anytime at the gate of our university, and it only takes 20 minutes’ ride from our university to the airport..                                             
High Rate of Visa——Chinese government has no quota restriction for international students studying in China.  It is easy to get a visa. It is expected that foreign students provide detailed and faithful application materials in accordance with regulations to apply.