Overview of Accommodation


On-campus Accommodation

The Zijing Apartments of Tsinghua University provide rooms for foreign students to live on-campus. The reception is on duty for 24 hours, and is experienced in services for foreign students. For those who come to Beijing for the first time, living there is quite a good choice. It’s really a difficult task to find an appropriate apartment as soon as you arrive, especially when you also need to furniture it and settle all the things down. Zijing Apartment District is the same place where Chinese students live, but in different buildings. The living facilities, such as cafeterias, banks, post office, super market, are all located close to the apartment building. Our Foreign Student Affairs Office is also located here.

Since there are not enough rooms for all the students to live on-campus, students must book for rooms beforehand, following the guide sent in the admission package.

When you check in, please show your Admission Notice and passport. You need to pay 200 RMB Yuan as deposit and the rent for a semester. Cards are accepted at the reception.

According to the law and the relevant policy, the Zijing Apartments are only able to host foreign students who register in Tsinghua University. Neither the relatives or friends of students nor other persons are allowed to live in the apartments. Students living in the Zijing Apartments should comply with the administrative regulations. For instance, lighting fire, including using candles is strictly prohibited in the rooms; students are not allowed to host other people overnight in the rooms; etc.

Off-campus Accommodation

If you failed to reserve a room in the dormitory, and find an appropriate apartment off-campus, you can move there. Never foget to get a Temporary Residence Registration Form, which is issued by the local police station of your accommodation. Go to the local police station together with your landloard or other authorized organ with your passport.

The Temporary Residence Registration Form is another important certificate besides your visa. Take care of it with your passport. It is required if you apply for a new visa, visa extension, additional entry or residence permit.

Therefore, a special remind is that before you sign for the contract or pay for the rental, do confirm that the owner of the apartment/house property is able to process the accommodation registration for you. Otherwise you will get into trouble of illegal stay.

Moreover, you need to renew it if you have moved to another place, changed your passport or renewed your visa. While you live in Zijing Apartment, the reception will do all these things for you automatically; but you need to do them all by yourself if you live off campus.