Why study in Shenyang Unversity


Shenyang university is a cover, economy, law, philosophy, literature, history, teach science, engineering, agriculture, tube 10 disciplines, with undergraduate course education as the main body, at the same time have master graduate student education, higher vocational technology education, education and education of the foreign students to continue mutiple level, multi-type comprehensive university, 'history can be traced back to 1906 establish heavenly industrial class "and" xinmin public school hall ". The school has spent at the south street-joint road, WenCui road, xinmin 3 campus, beautiful scenery, the scenery is all pleasant, campus covers an area of 664000 square meters and a building area of 547000 square meters. School insists on "science school, democracy education, open teaching" concept and the "quality", based on the characteristics, the culture sign soul "education concept, and formed a" liao-shen area for the old industrial base in northeast service "of the local feature. Always adhere to the application talents direction, and formed a "basic-level down to," good work "and" facing the market, and good business 'can industry applied talents' "cultivation characteristics. 2006 schools get "the challenge cup" national university student extracurricular technology contest; In 2007 the ministry of education level of job of undergraduate course teaching evaluation is obtained in the "excellent" good grades. 2008 received the liaoning province "51" testimonials and shenyang teach families system advanced party committee. 2009 university students career win the national championship.

At present, the school sets 20 college, refer to 1, 1 independent institute. Master degree to 10, undergraduate professional 56, specialized subject professional 24, all kinds of students for a total of more than 30000 people, including full-time this specialized subject lays 21792 people in total. School teacher force strong, existing full-time teachers 1267 people, among them, academician 1 person, professors and associate professors, 741 people, have the master degree of 735 teachers, including Ph.D 152 people. The school has ShiFanKe 1 national bilingual door, provincial fine-selected courses and door, provincial excellent teaching team 7, teaching practice base out 114. The teaching and scientific research instrument equipment worth 110 million yuan, the library collection of more than 170 copies. The school also is equipped with the science and technology research center, humanities and social science research center, the key laboratory of 1, provincial key laboratory three. Established the national institute of culture and the first clear up "world war ii" allied institute of pow camp. The school pays attention to open teaching, actively carry out foreign exchanges and cooperation have with the United States, Britain, France and other nearly 20 countries and regions in more than 60 university established the exchange and the cooperation relations.

The school receives "the thick DE heavy study, sincere to often" motto, through the "cultural festival, science day, the appeal of section of society," as the main carrier of rich and colorful campus cultural activities, and formed a "youth, healthy, harmonious and striving" campus culture. Facing the new situation of the higher education development, shenyang-dalian people are to achieve the same college of the university of first-class goal but work hard to struggle!