Introduction to Shenyang Unversity


As a comprehensive university, Shenyang University offers a complete range of subjects, covering 10 disciplinary areas, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, technology, agriculture, and management, etc. With undergraduate education as its mainstay, Shenyang University has developed a multi-layered and comprehensive mode of education to comprise postgraduate education, higher vocational education, continuing education and education for foreign students. History of the university can be traced back to Fengtian Industry School and Xinmin Public School established in 1906. The main campus is located in the downtown of Shenyang, where the traffic is very convenient. And it also offers a best environment both for living and studying. At present, its 21 schools and colleges offer 21graduate programs, 60 undergraduate programs and 23 vocational training programs. The University’s total enrollment is more than 30,000, who come from all over the country to pursue their bachelor and master degrees. The University leaders attach great importance to education opening and actively seek external cooperation and exchanges. So far SYU has established collaborative relationship with over 60 universities in nearly 20 countries of all over the world.

For the cause of promoting Chinese Language Teaching and other trainings, the International Education Exchange Center (IEEC) of SYU is making unceasing efforts to optimize teaching syllabus, recruit the most qualified and experienced teachers and improve the living and studying conditions for overseas students, as well as providing them with varied extra-curriculum activities. In addition to graduate, undergraduate and long-term language training programs, IEEC also develop various training classes in language and cultural studies etc.