Why Study in QDC



Today more than 16000 students come from across China and over 20 foreign countries to pursue undergraduate degrees in Civil Engineering, Project Management, Traffic Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Material Formation and Control Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Architecture, Urban Planning, International Economics and Trade, Logistics Management, Art Design, Animation, English, German and French, to list just a few.


QDC is a remarkable collection of creative talents dedicated to advanced education. Located in the north of the exciting scenic spot Mt. Laoshan, our 40-building campus adds significant architectural value to the newly renovated territorial complex. In total, the libraries hold a collection of around 950,000 volumes and provide access to thousands of additional resources via electronic networks. Our superb IT infrastructure, high tech equipment, and fully equipped labs provide students with every resource to try their ideas.

International Connections

They are completely committed to helping students become highly skilled critical thinkers, problem solvers, and communicators. In short, they love what they do – helping each student become the best that he or she can be.With students from over 20 different countries, the QDC community benefits from a broad diversity of cultures and ideas. We participate in exchange programs with international universities throughout Asia, North America and other regions.