About Inner Mongolia Medical University



IMMU, founded in 1956, was one of the earliest medical universities in minority areas. It was under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health before 1958, and then put under the administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. IMMU was formerly known as Inner Mongolia Medical College. After the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was renamed as Inner Mongolia Medical University in March, 2012.
With the 50 years of construction and development, IMMU has trained more 30,000 qualified people to meet the needs of the country, had the distinct school-running feature and made a major contribution to economic development, social progress, technological innovation, cultural inheritance, national unity and the stability in border areas of the autonomous region and. In 2007, it was granted A level by the Ministry of Education during the evaluation of undergraduate teaching.

Schools and Departments

School of Basic Medical Science
School of Pharmaceutical Science
School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
School of Mongolian Medical and Pharmaceutical Science
School of Public Health
School of Graduate Student
Department of Ideological and Political Education
School of Health Management
School of Foreign Languages Study
School of Computer Information Science
School of Nursing (College of Health)
School of International Education
Department of Physical Education
School of Continuing Education
Department of Clinical Medicine
The First School of Clinical Medicine
Clinical Medicine School of Hospital of Inner Mongolia


IMMU has 6 first-grade disciplines, including Preclinical Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy, the Science of Chinese Pharmacology and the Science of Nursing, 47 second-grade program authorized to award master’s degree and 25 bachelor’s degree programs which are composed of 3 the second category of characteristic majors awarded by the Ministry of Education, namely, Mongolian Medicine, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Mongolian Pharmacy, 12 brand majors named by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, such as, Clinical Medicine, the Science of Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mongolian Medicine, the Science of Nursing, etc.. Besides, it also has 28 regional excellent courses of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, e.g. Histology and Embryology, Morbid Anatomy, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Natural Medicine Chemistry, Diagnostics, the Science of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry and so forth.