Introduction to Hebei Finance University


Hebei Finance University was founded in 1952 and affiliated to People’s Bank of China, and was put under the administration of Hebei Province and sponsored by both state and provincial government in 2000, then it became the sole university characterized by finance in North and Northwest China and it was qualified for recruiting graduate students in Finance in October 2011.

HFU is located in Baoding, a city in Hebei. The campus covers an area of over 66.7 hectares, the built-up area covering 300,000 square meters. At present, over 12000 registered students are studying in the university, and university cherishes a staff of more than 700 members.

HFU consists of 9 departments, namely, Finance, Accounting, Management, Economy & Trade, computer Information Management, Insurance, Business English, Law and International. There are also 4 teaching departments of public courses, which are Foreign Languages, Physical Educations, Social Sciences and Chinese & Mathematics. Altogether HFU has 51 majors, which forms an academic system featured with finance, the economy and management major being dominant and other majors being complementary.

HFU attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation and has signed agreements and established friendly relationship with colleges or universities in U.S.A, UK, Australia, Ireland and so on. The multi-level and comprehensive “Transnational Bi-campus Cultivation Project” progresses smoothly and successfully; faculty members of HFU are sent abroad to have further studies and conduct cooperative researches in the partner colleges and universities.

The university organizes various and colorful entertainment and PE activities. Some Chinese traditional cultural courses such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, music, cooking and shadowboxing are very popular among students. Hebei Finance University will provide excellent service to students coming from other countries. Wish you a fruitful learning and a pleasant life here!