Why Study in School of Software of Central South University


Pure English Program

We have international classes in graduate program. All the courses are lectured in English, and Chinese language test-HSK is not required. So even if you know nothing about Chinese language, you have no difficulty in learning specialty courses.

High Teaching Quality
CSU is one of the top universities in China. It is also one of  the "211" and “985” universities. There are 37 schools in China granted to be national pilot software engineering schools by Ministry of Education of China. We are one of the top 10 of them. Our senior lecturers come from all over the world and more than half of our lecturers have a strong software industry or overseas background.

Advanced Education Philosophy
Our career-oriented education philosophy is based on the most advanced engineering education principle – CDIO. Our education aims at the industrial demands and students' career, cultivating comprehensive and practical talented personnel desired by industries, which can provide students an excellent start of their career.

Low Cost
The cost of study in China is much less than that in western countries. The tuition fee for an international undergraduate or a graduate student studying in CSU is about¥25,000 (around US$4,166) per year. The tuition fee for an international Ph.D. student studying in CSU is ¥about 30,000 (around US$5,000) per year, respectively. 

Excellent Internship Opportunities
We have many partners from top-level IT companies including IBM, Microsoft, etc. The international students are prior to be recommended to these companies for one-year internship with salary. The internship will strengthen practice ability and technical skills, enhance teamwork spirit, and experience enterprise culture, which will lay a solid foundation for their future career.

Free learning of Chinese language and culture
We will assign a Chinese student as a partner and assistant for each international student. The international students will be assisted in both study and daily life. They can also learn the Chinese language and culture from the Chinese assistant for free.

Convenient Transportation

Hunan is located in the south-central of China, and the transportation is very convenient nowadays. You can get to most of the cities in China from Hunan within 2 hours by plane. The high-speed railway transportation is well-developed as well. It only takes about 6 hours to go to Beijing and Shanghai, about 2-3 hours to go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen by high-speed railway.