Why Study in BJNTA



A bilingual teaching mode, which integrate the Chinese and Western teaching methods is adopted. CS double-system courses with English highlighted. English is the teaching language of the school. The courses are emphasized to enable a broader globalized vision and an enhanced English basis, which is a preparation for studying abroad. A solid language base is developed for children with the intention to study abroad.

Moral education integrated into daily life
Moral education is integrated into daily life and the concept that life is also a class is advocated. Many courses are developed by the school, such as “Hiking”, “30-Minute Moral Education”, “Life Skills”

Happy Campus life
Under the education philosophy of “consistency of personality and wisdom; integration of humanity and science,return the campus, classes and happiness to children and make them enjoy happy campus life.

Implemented tutorial system  
Every student has a tutor. Teachers and students jointly plan the individual development vision. The “graduate student” tutoring is highlighted, and teachers can be close to students and communicate with them on an equal basis. Thus each student can grow healthily and happily.

Develop the strengths of the students

The school has developed several categories of school-based courses, such as the life education, weekend humanity and science, elegant art, and group activity series, which aims to develop the multiple intelligence of students and enhance their strengths. It can not only cultivate their morality and broaden their vision, but also cultivate their innovation ability.

Soft learning environment