Introduction of HEBUT

Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) is a key provincial university as well as one of the national universities under "Project 211". It is also an important university under the authority of Hebei province which specializes in engineering studies and combines multiple academic areas including technology, science, economics, management and arts .

Long History

1903: Founded with the name Beiyang Technical School
1904: Renamed as Zhili Higher School of Technology
1929: Renamed as Hebei Provincial Technological Institute
1946: Renamed as Hebei Provincial Institute of Technology
1950: Renamed as Hebei Institute of Technology
1951: Merged with Beiyang University as Tianjin University
1958: Re-established as Hebei Institute of Technology
1962: Integrated with Tianjin Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute, Tianjin Institute of Chemical Technology as well as Tianjin Construction and Engineering Institute into Tianjin Institute of Technology, Hebei Province.

1971: Restored with the name Hebei Institute of Technology

1994-1995: Renamed Hebei University of Technology, with the inscription by Jiang Zemin, former General -Secretary of CPC.

1996: Enlisted as one of the first key universities in the national“Project 211" (which grants certain universities special funding). Successfully completed the three stages of construction.

The school has seen a breathtaking pace of development and the comprehensive educational strength has improved significantly.

About the Location

HEBUT is located in Tianjin.  and also has campuses in Langfang city. HEBUT covers an area of more than 267 hectares with a construction group area of 870,000 square meters. In the 200-hectare Beichen campus, a 400,000-square-meter construction project has been completed and put into use where, at present, there are more than 21,000 full-time students, including 6,373 post-graduates. The City College which is sponsored by HEBUT has 16,000 students, with 16,000 more pursuing their vocational and bachelor’s degrees through adult education. The school teaching and research equipment is worth 372 million RMB, and there are 1.88 million books in the school library. Apart from that, well-equipped stadiums, dormitories and canteens facilitate student campus life.

University Programs

HEBUT has 69 undergraduate programs, embracing a wide range of disciplines including engineering, science, economics, management, art and law.  It is composed of 17 schools/departments, 1 physical-training teaching department and 2 teaching administrative schools. It has 6 state-level disciplines with specific characteristics and 18 province-level representative programs, 2 national key disciplines, 4 province-level advantageous disciplines and 20 provincial key disciplines.  There are 42 disciplines authorized to award doctor degrees, 131 disciplines authorized to offer master’s degrees or professional degree fields. HEBUT is the first engineering-based university to launch MBA program in China. Meanwhile, it is the only university in Hebei province that offers an EMBA education.  It possesses 9 post doctoral work stations, among which “Material Science and Engineering” is special national program.