About JLJU


Geographical Location and Environment


Jililn Jianzhu University of P.R. China is one of the key general higher institutes of Jilin Province. It is located in Jingyue Travelling Economic Development Zone of Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province. 


Founded in 1956, the institute now has multilevel educational programmers of postgraduate education, undergraduate education and higher vocational education. It is characteristic of engineering-centered multidiscipline, including science, engineering, literature, management and law. It has developed into a teaching-model general higher engineering institute with architecture and civil engineering as its superiority.  Moreover, water supply and sewage engineering and architecture are the national first-class featured specialties. 



948 thousand square meters, total construction area of 454 thousand square meters.

13,000 full time students in the institute by enrolling students from 27 parts of country. 

4 specialties of water supply and sewage engineering, architecture, civil engineering and art design are the first-batch featured specialties in the province.

 700 full-time teachers, there are 400 with the senior professional technical titles and more than 600 with doctor or master degrees.         

There are more than 1.3million books, over1600 domestic and foreign journals, and teaching and research equipment worth 170 million RMB in university library. 



18 teaching units, such as School of Architecture and Planning, School of Civil Engineering, School of Urban Planning and Environmental Engineering. 

12 postgraduate specialties and 27  undergraduate specialties, among which architecture and civil engineering have passed the evaluation from Construction Department on the discipline of civil engineering science in the national higher institutes.