Why study in CUST

The school has formed a discipline layout characterized by optoelectronic technology, the combination of optical, mechanical, electrical, arithmetic and material, the coordinated development of engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law and art, and has built a large optoelectronic discipline system of opto-mechanical integration and complete system, and the main disciplines of optical, mechanical, electrical, computing and material have obtained the right to award first-level discipline doctoral degrees. It has 1 national key discipline, 4 most important disciplines in Jilin Province, and 16 high-level disciplines with Jilin Province characteristics; 7 postdoctoral research mobile stations, 9 doctoral degree authorized first-level disciplines, 37 doctoral degree authorized disciplines (including independent second-level disciplines), 20 master's degree authorized first-level disciplines, 101 master's degree authorized disciplines (including independent second-level disciplines), 1 doctoral professional degree authorization category, 11 master's degree authorization category; 60 undergraduate majors; It has the right to separate admissions examinations for master's degree students and the right to recommend outstanding fresh undergraduate graduates to study for master's degrees without examination. The school covers an area of 718,000 square meters, with a construction area of 538,000 square meters, a total fixed asset value of 2.45 billion yuan, and a total of 34,018 students, including 676 doctoral students, 5,128 master's students, 16,778 undergraduate students, and 134 international students. The school has 2115 faculty members, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 7 double-employed academicians, 1 winner of the He Liang He Li Foundation Science and Technology Progress Award, 3 members of the discipline review group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 1 national-level teaching teacher, and 46 recipients of special government allowances of the State Council. It has 2 national high-end wisdom introduction platforms, 1 national university "Huang Danian-style" teacher team, 2 national excellent teaching teams, 14 excellent teaching teams in Jilin Province, 2 national defense science and technology innovation teams, and 28 university innovation teams in Jilin Province.