Why Study in JOU

The school is located in the pilot area of the core area of the construction of the intersection of the "Belt and Road", the east bridgehead of the Eurasian Land Bridge, and Lianyungang City, one of the first coastal open cities in China. At present, there are 4 campuses in Cangwu Campus, Tongguan Campus, Songjiao Campus and Hugou Campus, and the main campus (Cangwu Campus) is located in the western foothills of Huaguo Mountain, the national 5A-level scenic spot and the birthplace of "Journey to the West" culture, covering a total area of 2193.83 mu and a school building area of 637,600 square meters. At present, there are more than 1700 faculty members, more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate students and more than 1800 graduate students. The university has 20 colleges and 70 undergraduate majors, covering 10 disciplines such as engineering, science, management, literature, agriculture, law, economics, art, education and medicine.

The school has a team of teachers who love higher education, have both teaching and research capabilities, attach equal importance to theory and practice, and are both moral and academic. There are 1330 full-time teachers, including 588 with senior professional titles and 537 with doctoral degrees; 2 national excellent teachers, 2 famous teachers in Jiangsu Province; There are 2 high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talent introduction programs in Jiangsu Province, 4 Jiangsu Distinguished Professors, 3 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province, 3 winners of Jiangsu Outstanding Youth Fund, and 34 doctors of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province (world famous universities); 259 people were selected into provincial and ministerial talent projects such as the "333 High-level Talents" training project in Jiangsu Province, the Blue Project of Jiangsu Province Colleges and Universities, and the Six Talent Peaks of Jiangsu Province; It has 4 excellent teaching teams of Qinglan Project and 11 scientific and technological innovation and talent teams of Jiangsu Province. One teacher won the first National Advanced Individual in Textbook Construction. More than 100 teachers have been employed as part-time professors, doctoral supervisors and master's supervisors in domestic and foreign universities. The school has hired a group of famous experts and scholars such as Academician Jiang Xingwei as part-time professors of the school.