Why Study in WUT

The school's motto "Pursuit of Excellence, Towards Success" has become the school's university culture and university spirit, forming a thick campus cultural accumulation and fresh campus civilization fashion, and is a well-known civilized campus, safe campus, charming campus, scholarly campus, ecological campus, double innovation campus, and epidemic-free campus.

The school has been awarded "Hubei Provincial Civilized Campus" by the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Hubei Provincial People's Government for two consecutive terms, and was awarded the title of "Hubei Province Advanced University for College Students' Ideological and Political Education" by the Higher Education Working Committee of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Hubei Provincial Department of Education, and won the honorary titles of "Top Ten Scholarly Campuses" and "National Ecological Civilization Education Characteristic School" in Hubei Province.

The school ranks 144th among undergraduate universities in China in the "Most Credible Ranking of Undergraduate Education in China", and only two private universities in the country are on the list. The school won the "first place" in the annual education general evaluation list of seven authoritative media in China: it was approved as the first place in the "2022 Brand Competitiveness Private Universities" of the Central Radio and Television International Online, the first place in Xinhuanet's "China Brand Influence Private Universities", the first place in the "China Influential Private Universities" of the Central Broadcasting Network, the first place in the "Brand Strength Private Universities" of Tencent.com, the first place in Sina's "Most Brand Influential Private Universities", the first place in NetEase's "Employment Competitiveness Universities", and the first place in Sohu.com's "Brand Influential Private Universities". It has been selected as "Top 100 National College Graduates Employment Competitiveness", "China's Top Ten Brand Private Universities", "China's Most Comprehensive Private Universities" and so on.