Program for Chinese Language Learning and Training School of International Education(Class for Chinese Language, Chinese Practice Class, Class for Legal Chinese, Class for Advanced Chinese Study on Week, Summer School of Chinese Culture, Summer School for Chinese Intensive Training, Pre-undergraduate Course, Pre-master course, Pre-doctorate course.
Students can live in the students’ apartments arranged by the School of International Education, or solve accommodations by themselves.

MBA Class in English
Students will live in the International Students’ apartments arranged by the university, and the accomodation fee will be funded by themselves. All the admitted student will get a special scholarship provided by the university, which will be used to reduce the accommodation expenses.
Articles for daily use will be funded by students themselves. Students themselves should buy the articles for daily use after their registration in the university. The university can also help each student purchase in advance A set of articles for daily use: a quilt, a cotton quilt cover, a mat, a cotton sheet, a pillow, a plastic washbasin, a towel.