A Brief Introduction to the CUEB


The Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing,China(CUEB) was established in 1956 with the permission of the Ministry of National Education.It originated from the combination between Beijing Economics Institute and Beijing Finance & Trade Institute in June,1995. It has been built into a key university of Beijing Municipality. Up to now it has lasted for 50 years.As a modern comprehensive financial university,it has prominent superiority with more complete majors of economics and management,and it works well in harmony with more majors,such as law,art,science,engineering and so on.

The campus is 480,000 square meters in size with buildings accounting for 306,000 sqare meters. And the main library collects more than one million of books with over 2,000 kinds of magazines or periodicals both in Chinese and in foreign languages.

The University consists of 14 colleges and departments,such as business administration, accountancy, finance, banking, economics. And the full-time undergraduates are provided with 33 majors or specialties,and the school for graduate education provides for the students with Applied Economics as the first-class curriculum of doctorate program, and with 8 second-class curricula of doctorate program, including Labor Economics, Magnitude Economics, Enterprise Management, Statistics, Industry Economics, Study on National Economy, Banking Study, Finance. There are 28 authorized curricula for MS/MA graduates or MBA graduates (MBA is short for Master Dgree of Business Administration). In addition, there is a mobile postdoctoral study of Applied Economics. The CUEB's faculty number is 1483, including 641 professional teachers and researchers with 96 professors, 273 associate professors, 263 lecturers, 20 tutors of the doctorate and 216 tutors of MS/MA. Ar present, there are 19600 registered students, including 1380 graduates, 9100 full-time undergradutes, 580 secondary-undergraduates, over 500 foreign students from 50 countries all over the world. And still morethan 8100 spare-time or teaching-by-correspondence adult students.

The main campus with the full-time undergraduates is located in Flower-Town, Fengtai District, Beijing 100070, China, which belongs to Fengtai-Residence of Zhong-guan-cun High-Technology area. And most of the graduates and foreign students as well as adult students study and live in another campus located in the Central Business District, Hongmiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026,China.

The academic research system of CUEB is much more complete with 26 institutes in various studies or categories, such as population, general economy, capital economy,estate, CBD,WTO, enterpriser, enterprise system, enterprise development, industry economy, company,social guarantee,etc.

The university published several nationwide magazines or periodicals, such as Study on Economy and Management, the Learned Journal of CUEB, Population and Economy, Modern Handlers, and so on.The leading body has payed much more attention to encouraging, supporting and organizing experts, scholars to make research work hard on theories and practical experience for capital Beijing's economic construction, and serve for its oconomic development by contributing their wisdom and talent with their versatile ideas. As an important academic force, our school has completed two academic projects: one is Research on Beijing's Countermeasure to Suit China's Economy-Edeveloping Situation, and the other is Study on Capital Economy, both of which are highly appraised by the concerned administrtive department of Beijing Municipality. Especially,the CBD Research Center is considered as the academic base of Beijing Social Humane Studies.

In recent years, more than 30 monographs writtnen by our teachers or researchers were awarded the province-level or the state-ministry-level prize, in which Study on China Agriculture Inssurance with the Social Guarantee System, China's 50-Year Enterprise Theories, Research on Minority-Population Policy of China, Operational Mode to Father Firms and Economics Development with the Practical ‘Think-Tanker’** Theory were respectively awarded the first-class prize of the 8th-issue selected excellent achievements on philosophy and social science of Beijing; the second-class prize of the 3rd-issue humane study of the Ministry of Natiuonal Education and the best book prize of China's 14th issue; the first-class excellent achievement prize of the 2rd-issue social science of Chongqing Municipality, and the first-class excellent achievement prize of philosophy and social science of Beijing 's 7th and the 8th issue.

The CUEB has cooperated and exchanged with over 30 universities, academic institutions, social scientific associations and United Nations' Relative Framework or international orgnizations.

At present, there are more than 500 foreign students majoring in BA/BS,MA/MS and PhD or the doctorate, and some of them study Chinese as the second language. Our university has cooperated with the Deakin University, Australia to organize accouncy-master-degree program, and accountant-registered master degree program, both of which will carry out an agreement with training and certificating between two distant countries.

In recennt years, some excellent students graduated from our university are yearly sent to UK, Sweden, and France to study for MA/MS for one or two-semester period of time. And more and more teachers or researchers are sent to go abroad for further study or major in their academic degree or exchange in an academic way .And every year, nearly 30 foreign professors, scholars are to be invited to give lectures or teach in order to meet the needs of learning some major courses.