Chronology of Tongji University



Listed in the "No.985 Program"

Apr. of 2000

Merged with Shanghai Tiedao University

Aug. of 1996

Merged with Shanghai Institute of Urban Construction and Shanghai Institute of Building Materials

Nov. of 1995

Listed in the 211 Program

Oct. of 1995

Declared to be jointly built by the former State Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Government

Dec. of 1978

Upon consent by the State Council, resumed connection with German and became the window of the cultural, technology and science exchanges between China and German


The Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in College of Science merged into Fudan University, the Departments of Machinery, Electrical Engineering and Ship Manufacture merged into Shanghai Jiaotong University. In the meanwhile, Tongji University merged the Caviling Engineering Departments in other 11 universities, including Saint John University.


The Department of Biology in College of Science merged into East China Normal University, the Medical School and the Department of Survey in College of Engineering moved to Wuhan, Hubei Province

Sep. of 1949

College of Literature and Arts, College of Law merged into Fudan University

Jun. of 1949

Tongji University was taken over by Shanghai Military Control Commission

Aug. of 1946

College of Science expanded as College of Literature and Science moved back to Shanghai

Apr. of 1946

Moved back to Shanghai


Established the College of Law

Oct. of 1940

Moved Lizhuang in Yibin, Sichuan Province

Winter in 1938

Moved to Kunming, Yunnan Province

Sep. of 1937

Moved to south of China, because of the war between China and Japan

Aug. of 1927

National Tongji University

Mar. of 1922

Tongji Medical and Engineering University

Oct. of 1907

Tongji German Medical School